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Somebody has issues.

The fact that the author actually took the time to assemble this is really, really disturbing.

Not very impressed

This managed to be unwatchably coarse without being funny.

Good graphics; wierd audio; bad history

I liked this animation, though I couldn't figure out why your narrator was doing what sounded like a bad impression of a gypsy fortune teller.

I noticed a lot of reviewers lauding the history of this piece - and any interest in history is laudable.

However, you should recognize that the knights templar, like the freemasons, are obscured by a silly quasi-history of conspiracy theories and utter lunacy. Much of this silliness is actually rooted in history itself.

I only caution that most of the "historic" novels that reference the templars, (and that includes The Davinci Code, and some of the stuff he references), bears as much resemblance to history as The X-Files.

The free-masons have also been popular targets - viz. silly movies like "American Treasure". Where I grew up in northern Ontario, the local francophones, (who were steeped in a surprisingly old French tradition of superstition), persisted in telling blood-curdling tales about the masonic temple down the street from the Catholic church.

It's a good read, though - and opens up all kinds of possibilites for creative story telling.

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TheZebu responds:

Yeah, DaVinci code isn't "historic". It's not even "historic fiction". It's just a modern thriller that has a few wildly silly plot devices.

I'm not trying to incite any superstition about any existing groups, which is one reason I picked the Templar, and allows for a bit more artistic freedom. There are lots of conspiracy theories with Freemasons and the Templar, the Baphomet, etc, and they are all rubbish. I'm not trying to "expose" anything either. I have no reason to quarrel with the Freemasons, Opus Dei, or any other organization.

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we are a little full of ourselves...

... this was cute, but the horrible spelling and frequent malaprops detracted from the overall effect.

"Love is a many-splendid thing" LOL.... Oh, Lord. Poor Willy must be grinding his teeth.


-though it's somewhat difficult to get the gameplay rolling. Shouldn't that be "motherlode", BTW?

Horrible physics

Playability should be your first concern. The physics in this game were terrible. Another thing to think of is the practical difficulty of having two players using the same keyboard...

RohanDX responds:

Too bad nobody else thinks that. And you're a known blammer. *shrug*

actionscript is an interest of mine

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